I wrote a letter with Love

When Noor started Nursery, I wan not happy with her teacher.. and she wasn’t old enough to talk about everything that went on in the class.. She was 2 and a half years old. So I played a game with her.. every thursday we would pretend I was Noor and she would be her Nursery teacher. One Thursday, we started the game, and SLAP; she slapped me on the face. when I asked why she explained it to me.. I talked to then school and faced the teacher ..

Ever since, I found it a very useful way to get Noor to talk and help me know what’s in her mind…

During our Christmas break, we came up with several topics for Noor to write/talk about.. and settled on her writing a letter to her Birth mom and imagining what her Birth mom would say to her..

Here is her story, nothing changed.

You will notice that she started the story referring to herself as “child” she explained to me that her mother does not know her name..that’s why she wrote it this way.

Enjoy !


From Your Dear Child.

Dear Mom,

I have a new home. I really miss you and love you too.

I have a new family too, my family is really nice and they are the BEST.

I hope you are happy too.

love, Noor


From, Mom.

My dear child, I hope you are happy with your new family.

Thank you for sending the letter, I really liked your handwriting and your new NAME.

Do you have a nice bed or a nice pillow?

Is your mom caring, or not?

I am sorry that I left you at the mosque and I really miss you A LOT !

Did you get potty trained at age 3 ? or earlier?Is your teacher nice to you?And do you have nice friends?Are you enjoying the morning routine at school?

If you’re happy with all these things, it makes me happy too.

xoxox love, MOM


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