Did you come out of your mommy’s tummy? Noor’s Secret.

When noor was 3.6 she went around checking who else was adopted.. how did she do that?

She smartly asked- very close relatives whether they came out of their mom’s tummy or someone else’s tummy.  she started with my parents and sister..

I thought she wanted to know if everyone is adopted.. who else is like her.. who else was adopted, how are families formed. I’d thought of getting together with other adoptive moms, only to find out that almost none of them has told her child that he/she was adopted…

I decided that every time I meet an adoptive kid, adult, or read about an adoptive celebrity I would tell her..

Ever since she knew about her adoption, Noor asked  to keep her adoption as a secret..she never wanted anyone to know, she did not talk to it to her father until she was 5.  And during that same year, she asked me to hide all the adoption stories incase her friends came .. now that they can read, she didn’t want them to see these books.

Noor is 6 now, she has written an adoption story.. and wanted to share it with her friends, I liked that, but when I explained to her that they will be asking questions.. she freaked out.. and suggested she only read it to her teachers and she did.

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