Adoption Story

I was blessed with a daughter I named Noor. Together, we talked about adoption and being adopted. It was like walking on glass for me, I worry daily about Noor, and watch her closely looking for any sign that tells me we’ve taken the wrong path in discussing her adoption openly. With her head up high, and confident steps she comes to me one day suggesting she tells me an adoption story. And that is what you’re reading now; its her own story with a few additions.

Adoption Story

2 thoughts on “Adoption Story

  1. Where is her mother? Why do you not know where her mother is? If Noor is only 6 then this is an age where you may have contact. I am not judging you I am just curious. Please tell Noor from me that I thought about my daughter every day and now that she is grown up and I am finally allowed to know where she is I still think of her every day. I wish you and Noor a beautiful life.

    • Thank you dear for your warm feelings and words.. Noor will also read your comment..
      Allow me to explain Adoption in Kuwait:
      babies are usually found at a mosque, elevator, parking lot or in the garbage.. if the baby is lucky he’s be found and saved early enough.. and usually these babies are not born in hospitals, but in houses or apartments where the mom could hide.. so when the baby is left.. no one can trace the mother.
      What I am hoping Noor and my other kids can do when they are older, is trace their family through DNA search sites… and that is the reason we talk a lot about birth family.. I know how important they are
      I hope you feel better now my dear 🙂 and thanx again for your concern.

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