Origins, Where? What?

Talking to children or holding a discussion with a child is not an easy task.. to me if i may say.. I prefer to look at my child’s face.. see through her eyes to figure out how serious, concerned, worried she is.. how much would she like to know, how much of the truth she’d … Continue reading

I wrote a letter with Love

When Noor started Nursery, I wan not happy with her teacher.. and she wasn’t old enough to talk about everything that went on in the class.. She was 2 and a half years old. So I played a game with her.. every thursday we would pretend I was Noor and she would be her Nursery … Continue reading

How I told Noor about adoption

Noor was 36 days old when she brightened up my life.. she has always been an exceptional child.. we connected right away.. and for her first 2 years she only saw me – or that’s how I felt.. at 6 months we started reading stories.. she loved books.. and when she turned 2 years 6 … Continue reading


I read that it is useful to document questions and discussion that take place between my kids and myself.. and that’s what I am trying to do. I will start with the story that shocked me most … ًًWhen Noor turned 6, she stopped bringing adoption stories to be read .. when I asked her … Continue reading

Adoption Story

I was blessed with a daughter I named Noor. Together, we talked about adoption and being adopted. It was like walking on glass for me, I worry daily about Noor, and watch her closely looking for any sign that tells me we’ve taken the wrong path in discussing her adoption openly. With her head up high, and confident steps … Continue reading